Zillya! Antivirus for Business

Total protection of organizations against all types of cyber threats with possibility of centralized management of antivirus software.

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Zillya! Antivirus for Business

About product

Zillya! Antivirus for Business is a modern solution created to form reliable cyber protection of corporate clients. A distinctive feature of this product is the format of total protection of organization against all types of cyber threats with possibility of centralized management of antivirus software.


Work computers of the network (client side) of organizations will be protected by product of “Internet Security” class with daily updates of virus signatures.


Features of Zillya! Antivirus for Business allow to set complete protection of PCs in the organization against all types of cyber threats, including Trojans, network worms, virus threats, exploits, backdoors and many others.

Zillya! Antivirus for Business is a comprehensive product for cyber defense. Antivirus’ structure is designed to facilitate its management and thin customization.


Update of antivirus databases on computers of organization is centralized and does not require every separate PC to be connected to the Internet. All updates of PC inside the corporate network will be received from the server side of anti-virus, which must have access to all PCs.


This algorithm helps solve several important system tasks that arise when using other corporate antiviruses:


  • Reduced work time with 1 PC in the scale of total time of service;
  • Increased security of distribution of updates by means of reliable and centralized computer of administrator;
  • Minimizing the interference of employees in the work of antivirus software;
  • Minimizing the time expenses on setting and updating of antivirus.

Centralized management of corporate version of Zillya! Antivirus for Business allows to keep-in-touch the system of cyber security of the company 24/7/365.


Management of the entire system of antivirus protection via a single main computer allows most effectively and efficiently to respond to emerging threats or possible hacker attacks.


IT administrator has the ability to monitor the status of system protection online. All events associated with the detection of virus threats to PCs of the network will be recorded by antivirus and reflected in the administration panel as messages.


Thus, an expert on cyber security in the company will be able to promptly respond to emerging threats and to minimize the consequences by means of own professional actions.

The system administrator has access to features that will make managing a system of virus protection easy and convenient:


  • Automated (remote) and local (manual) installation of antivirus protection on computers.
  • Managing client side via the Internet (using the IP address of the server).
  • Control of the defense of network’s computers: launching scans, viewing current events and history, queuing of tasks, performing actions over the found threats, setting the software and system firewall rules, individual settings of client-side antivirus from the administration panel.
  • Creating groups that will allow to perform group management of computers in the network.
  • Securing settings by password.
  • Reception of reports.

With all unquestionable pros of centralized control system of cyber security built on the basis of Zillya! Antivirus for Business, the program also has the ability to control local antivirus software on work PC. Wherever necessary, the expert of IT security of the company may input changes in the antivirus program of the client side directly on the required PC.


This is possible with the administrator password. The user of client side of antivirus has the opportunity to perform actions at his own discretion:


  • Run the scan, perform actions on threats;
  • Update the virus databases and program modules;
  • Change settings of file monitor "Guardian", of firewall, of WEB-filter and USB-defense.


Such manipulations allow to make additional checks of system of cyber protection at local PC. In some cases, this extremely handy feature allows to perform fine-tune at a single personal computer to follow unique needs and objectives.

Commercial license can be activated in two ways:


  • using the activation code made of 32 characters via the Internet. This code is issued to the user automatically and is used for the standard priority product activation. It can be used again after change of the local network, reinstallation of Zillya! Antivirus for Business and so on.
  • via license key that does not require an Internet connection at the time of activation. This license key is issued to the user upon request and is used as an emergency, a backup method. Using this way, it is recommended to connect to the Internet as soon as possible, because it is necessary for the correct functioning of the product (virus database updates, software modules updates etc.)!

Admin panel – central management of all client sides and settings of Antivirus server.


Allows to adjust the setting and monitoring of the system of anti-virus protection of entire system of cyber security of the company and local PCs. This component is a coordinating hub of corporate informational security system, based on Zillya! Antivirus for Business.


Antivirus server – a program that brings together all client sides and allows to manage them through the Admin Panel; distributes updates. Update of antivirus databases on computers of organization is centralized and does not require a separate PC to be connected to the Internet. All updates on PCs from the network will be received from the server side of anti-virus


The client part – programs that are installed on each of the protected PCs directly, performing the functions of anti-virus protection and others. As a result, work computer of the network of organization will be protected by the product of “Internet Security” class with daily virus databases updates, ensuring complete users protection from all types of cyber threats.

Antivirus – can detect and neutralize malicious software on user’s PC. Items falling under the examination: the files on hard disk, USB-drives, operative memory, e-mails.


This module is a basic of entire system of security that is based on a Zillya! Antivirus for Business. A unique feature of this module is the availability of modern, updated every day, virus signature database. It should be noted that these data do not overload any server or local PC, since the base is optimized and modernized. Thus, work with it does not affect the speed of the central computer and, especially, local workstation and does not lead to hanging downs or slowing of PC.


The firewall – controls access of installed on computer programs to the network to setup advanced options. Two modes are available: automatic and interactive (with the possibility of independent processing of each application).


The presence of firewall in a modern version of corporate antivirus is a critical necessity. This module can significantly reduce the possibility of infection by malware while surfing the Internet. In addition, the firewall blocks the action of malware that might get on workstation in case of unauthorized attempts to upload information from the Internet to receive other harmful components, fraudulent or new spyware.


Web Filter – controls access of PC to the set online resources: a centralized list of undesirable sites.


The module allows to create own “black lists” of undesirable Internet resources containing questionable or frankly objectionable material. Web Filter can also be used as an important part of anti-phishing security system built on databases of known spyware sites or suspicious resources that may be involved in fraudulent activity.


USB-protection – checks flash drives for viruses, analyzes the likelihood of infection of carrier and offers scan on demand.


Checking USB-drives still remains an important aspect of a total cyber security because they are possible carriers of malware. USB-protection module integrated into Zillya! Antivirus for Business scans USB-devices connected to the computer for the presence of malware and prevents them from entering into the secured PC.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor Speed – 1 GHz and more;
  • RAM – 1 GB and more;
  • Hard disk space – 1500 MB;
  • Operating System – Windows XP (SP2, SP3) (32-х і 64-х), Windows 7 (32-х і 64-х ), Windows 8 (+8.1) (32-х і 64-х), Windows Server 2003 (32-х і 64-х), Windows Server 2008 (32-х і 64-х), Windows Server 2012 (32-х і 64-х), Windows 10 (32-х і 64-х), Windows Server 2016 (32-х і 64-х), Windows Server 2019 (32-х і 64-х), Windows 11 (32-х і 64-х).

​Version of the program: 1.1.5084.0