Select the antivirus protection that's right for you!

Zillya! Antivirus

Zillya! Antivirus

Easy-to-use antivirus for basic protection

only 25 USD
Zillya! Internet Security

Zillya! Internet Security

Solution which is ideal for active Internet users

from 31 USD
Zillya! Total Security

Zillya! Total Security

Product which will provide you the highest level of protection

from 37 USD

Guard (File Monitor)

continuously monitors the system for threats

Inspector security (Behavioral analyzer)

Monitors the programs installed on your computer to identify malicious activity.

Mail - filter

Scans email for threats.

USB - protection

Makes penetration of virus threats via removable drives impossible.

Heuristic analyzer

Analyzes the software code for its match against viruses.


Sets the rules of incoming and outgoing connections for programs installed on your PC.


Blocks websites designed to steal personal user data.


Blocks penetration of spam messages on the user's PC.

Virtual keyboard

Save the password from being stolen by hackers.

Optimizer PC

Allows to identify junk system files and to free more disk space.


Provides the removal of the information without possibility of restoration.

Parental control

Provides parents an effective tool for monitoring of child's activity on the PC.

Process manager

It acts as built-in controller of applications and processes, allowing you to control and manage running applications and processes.

Startup Manager

А program that allows you to analyze the applications that are uploaded at startup and to optimize boot time by disabling applications and some system functions that are not used.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection program is a program that allows to remove traces of the user's work on PC.