Zillya! Mobile Antivirus

Simple, fast, and reliable antivirus which will protect your device from malicious software. Additionally contains useful utilities for system optimization or and improving gadget performance.

No ads, free for all users, easy to use. Try it now!

About product

Antivirus – ensures comprehensive protection against cyber threats thanks to the following modules and tools:


  • Scanner – scans and deletes malicious applications and dangerous files;
  • Autopilot – automatically scans newly installed applications;
  • Planner – allows you to schedule on-time scanning.
  • The program updates automatically each 3 hours (Internet connection is required). The application sends a request to update databases if the new base is available, it will be updated automatically.
  • Manage your updates manually with additional menu;
  • Updates via Web mobile and WiFi;
  • Automatic updates can be turned off in the settings (we do not recommend);
  • Updates over a mobile network can be turn on / off in settings against zero-day attacks and other security threats.
  • Simple interface;
  • Easy to download, install and use;
  • Тhe interface in more than 42 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese);
  • Full and original version of antivirus for tablets;
  • The ability to turn on a standard status bar.

1. Antivirus - main program module, provides:  


  • manual scanning of internal memory and a memory card in order to detect malware and other threats;
  • scheduled scans – users have the opportunity to schedule a virus scan at any comfortable time;
  • auto-checking of new apps immediately after installation - this function provides real-time protection, and the user doesn’t need to scan the device every time after install a new program on your devices.


2. Optimizer - helps to clean up space for personal data (photo, video, documents) by deleting junk files and caches of applications.


Optimizer uses a number of additional rules for deleting advertising and other unimportant information.

This module allows to do some operations:


  • delete unnecessary files;
  • delete temporary files;
  • delete cache's files – type of phone’s memory, which responsible for data transportation to processor.

3. Speedup - will help you if your smartphone works slowly or your battery loses its charge quicker than it has to.


The module will unload applications from the memory and increase mobile phone performance to prolong battery life.

In order to install ZIllya! Mobile Antivirus, your smartphone or tablet has to have the next system characteristics: 


Version of Android OS: 3.0 and higher;

Available memory space: 3,7 MB and more.

Market share of android devices is growing from year to year, as well as number of threats created by scammers for this OS. Choosing Zillya! Mobile Antivirus and making its rebranded version will allow you to enter fast growing market with reliable solution!

Our rank on Play Market

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Kaspersky Internet Security 4.7 4,7
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ZIllya!Mobile Antivirus 4.6 4,6
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Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

20 June 2016 12:15 3 0

H/S finally found something really works. Going for it: no ads, very fast, simply layout. Few extra tweaks-internal house work. Deep cleaning - as in every file is examined. Update: yippy yi you! Happy dance. Monitors traffic and downloads. Safe or unsafe

Juan Manuel Moreno

Juan Manuel Moreno

29 May 2016 01:15 0 0

The best Antivirus App! It is an All-In-One Antivirus Mobile Application. If you are reading this, don`t think about it twice, try it and see it for your self! :D

tim Brooks

tim Brooks

27 May 2016 06:30 3 0

This app really works and not just faking that it`s doing the job you needed it for.

Joe Younger

Joe Younger

07 May 2016 04:45 0 0

Motorola Droid Turbo Very effective and incredibly lightweight. Even though I have yet to find the planner, this app is well worth the download and install. Give it a try for yourself!